- reduce - organize - simplify
"Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means."
- Dr. Koichi Kawana, Architect, designer of the botanical gardens
Getting organized requires creativity, a sense of direction and the ability to follow through with a personalized solution for each situation.  Implementing and maintaining an organized life takes practice and dedication. 
Since every person is unique, I work closely to develop customized solutions for the home, business and collector in order to achieve your organized goals.  Additionally, I will assist with, or give suggestions on, the ongoing maintenance of your space. 
I excel at downsizing, specializing in the elimination of unnecessary paper.  I believe that a simplified, resourceful filing system is the key to successful home and business management.  And, as a collector myself, I strive to create efficient storage solutions and data management in order to protect your investment.
The results . . . a harmonious and
  • Home and Business Organization and Management
  • Development of Filing Systems and Paper Management
  • Collection Storage Solutions and Inventory Control
  • Assemble Year-End Files and Receipts
  • Downsizing and Clutter Control
  • Archiving
  • Estate Organizing
  • Move-In and Relocation
Denise Gonzales
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